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NS-DV Thanh Thuy,DV Quang Thảo "Hat Cho Cay Cau Yeu Thuong" cung CS THuy Vu, Thanh Ngoc, HH Mai Phuong Thuy

Xin chia sẻ 1 thông tin hết sức quý báu: đó là, nhằm chia sẻ phần nào những khó khăn mà VHC đang cố gắng để xây dựng 1 Cây Cầu treo cho các em học sinh vùng núi non, sông nước ở Quảng Bình được đến trường bình an (với tổng đóng góp trong nhóm VHC là 42,095,000VND + US$400.00 nguồn thu được từ "Hát Cho Cây Cầu Yêu Thương": 9,521,000VND), Nghệ sỹ kịch - DV Thanh Thủy + DV - MV Quang Thảo sẽ chính thức chung tay

Girl's Profile

Canh* is the oldest of 5 siblings. She attended school until she was 14, then quit in order to work in the fields with her mom and dad, tending to the rice paddies and raising vegetables to feed their family.

Canh’s uncle and aunt also lived nearby, and when Canh was 17 years old, they invited several women from the village to China, saying that they could all earn money by becoming day laborers, digging holes for trees to be planted. In all, her aunt and uncle brought five young women from the village to China, including Canh’s cousin and aunt.


 A smiling Hmong girl, home high above rows of stone corn, sings to the water buffaloes in her embroidered skirts and rainbow scarves.

            At fifteen, she is kidnapped to be a wife. She eats 55 poison leaves, one at a time, but doesn’t die.

            At sixteen, she is sold to China, and for four months, she swallows her songs like sobs.

Sponsor an event for Pacific Links Foundation


On November 30, 2011, Viet Horizon Club will organize an evening reception entitled Stories of a Girl. This event aims at introducing ADAPT program on anti human trafficking, core project of Pacific Links Foundation. The evening will be a unique opportunity for guests to learn more about the personal stories behind the statistics of human trafficking and to connect with others who care about this pressing issue.


Location:               FLOW – 88 Hồ Tùng  Mậu, District 1

Time:                     6:30 – 9 pm, November 30, 2011

Admission: Price includes appetizers; drinks available through a cash bar

200,000 VND for early registration (by November 27)

300,000 VND at the door



For the past three weeks, I’ve been living and working at Pacific Links’ reintegration shelter for trafficking survivors in northern Vietnam. There are twelve girls, ages thirteen to twenty-two, from five different minority ethnicities, currently residing there.

"Cây cầu yêu thương" - Cập nhật quỹ

Mai Phương Thúy gây quỹ cho “cây cầu yêu thương”

GiadinhNet - HH Mai Phương Thúy cùng các ca sĩ Mỹ Lệ, Thanh Ngọc, Thụy Vũ (cựu thành viên nhóm AC&M) cùng làm đại sứ thiện chí cho chuỗi sự kiện này.

About us

History: We are a Group of Charity which includes volunteers of adolescence who work for Sheraton Hotel,other 5stars Hotels&companies such as New World, Part Hyatt, Duxton, Pepsi, HIS Song Han, Idapt Korea, Orient Rubber, AIL,Japan,AIP Foundation, TMA, Hoan Vu, Akzonobel. This year we, VHC, would open our arms to welcome enthusiastic youth and students to our club and hope that our size would get bigger and bigger.

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