OPEN LETTER Program “KIDS WITHOUT BORDER TRIP” on the occasion of the International Kids (01/06/2011)

Probably to us, the word summer's memory recalls us tender love with a cozy family and moments of gathering over overwhelmed with happiness, warm, cheerful and crank moments pants to the full truth. And for children, summer is always expectation by counting each day with radiant smiles. It is believed that everybody has experienced his/her childhood with such feelings of expectation that lies in excitement with summer's games in the depth of human sentiments, good feasts and folk games filled with innocent laughter. All bursts into refreshing happiness.
Like adults, children need a playground, a model degiai position, to wear jewelry in the shower in cool water, hear the agreed rental home comfort, then stretch it full circle enthusiasm, and ready for a new school year begins with the numbers, the math challenge in a massive treasure of knowledge. Surely that none of us do not walk through childhood without experiencing a hangover feeling, waiting in excitement with the native rivers, Kites childhood, the modern game, fancy places, urban, and childish, witty wrapped in the traditional games are always filled with unique pure laughter. All is well up as happiness was very rustic, simple, but clear how much.


As for children with normal health condition, those things are not hard to gain; their parents are eligible to afford them with a proper summer or special event on International Kids Day. On the other hand, those children with misfortunes are extremely difficult to enjoy a normal summer season like their fellow ones of the same age. Probably that is forever just a wish for them despite it is little and minor.
But, less in us know that, there has a lot of kids with mosfourtunes has nothing even though they always dream about that.
Grasping that confidence, VIET HORIZON CLUB (VHC) has continuing to organize a program of featured Kids Without Border Trip on International Day for 500 young children in total of 50 scholarships, 50 bicycles, 200 Vinpearland's Ticket, 370 Gift Packages (milk, rice, sugar, clothes, notebooks, book...) at 3 main point localities of the whole Vietnam; starting from the rural and moutain of Vietnam (Dien Tan Village and Suoi Tien Village, Dien Khanh Dist., Khanh Hoa Province where there is a lot of difficulties and hardship with 200 disabled, poor young children and hundreds of unprivileged lives.) on 28th and 29th May 2011 to deliver scholarship, moon cake, notebook in a great Loving Moonlight performance with the present famous singer of country. Then we will move to the heroic Ben Tre motherland where people's life, esp. poor young children's is hard and difficult on the night of June 03 in Kids Month. School for raising and educating disabled children of Ben Tre province seems to become more radiant with 310 Moon Cakes, Milk, Notebook, Poca Cake together with lanterns andeven big feasts filled with human love.
We still left in our mind the memory about the night meeting of "Loving Moonlight" seems more dazzling and shines with a plenty of more loving flames and more excitement in the night of Lunar 12 of August when Mid-Autumn Festival at Thanh Son Warm Houselocated (Thanh Son Temple) in Cam Lam District, Khanh Hoa Province with around 180 disabled young children. VHC has come there 9 times where Leading Monk Thanh Quang said in his utmost emotionswith the wishes of blessings for them the benefactors and volunteers. The Mid-Autumn Festival at Go Vap with engagement of deep sympathy that isshared with numerous orphans and disabled children. The five-day and night trip of the Loving Moon light from September17 to September 21, 2010 by VHC has been developed with the project ofthe same name Loving Moonlight by that would been closed in limitlessappreciation of thousand of unprivileged bringing them a meaningful andhappy Mid-Autumn Festival and helping them enjoy coziness, warmth and freshness.
On this occasion, we would like to send our big thanks to all of you who have sponsored and cooperated with us since the beginning till now. Your great contribution and donation were not only illuminate the flame of humanism, but also as a source of abundant energy which make VHC always keep moving to forward to serve children better, more thoughtful, to bring the smiles and happy on each tiny lip. Taking this chance, VHC would call your all hand together to bring a complete Kids Holiday, even though just a small gift for our children with misfortunes.
For donation (cash/ new bicycle, tonic, vitamins, medicines, Vinperal Land's Voucher / Tickets , sugar, milk, candy, notebooks students, rice, baby clothes, cake …), pls contact us as following information: Email: or:
1. Leader Minh:             0903 817 204      
2. Thanh Thủy:             0932 544 773      
3. Kim Tiên:             0903 008 400      
4. Hoàng Oanh:             0949 029 062      
5. Hạnh:             0918 399 105      
6. Lã Phương Hà: 01667215630
7. Khánh:             0909 309 215      
8. Trung: 0985558044
** For further information, pls feel free to contact us via: hoặcân Trời Việt